Export Power BI Visuals


Power BI report visuals can be exported from the Portal to your local machine. An entire report can be downloaded as a PowerPoint deck, you can export it as a PDF file, or as individual images (downloaded as a zip file). Individual report pages can also be downloaded as an image that you can insert into a PowerPoint deck on your local machine. 

NOTE: Modified filters in reports are not downloaded. In order to export a filtered report you must be either clone or edit the report, make the filter selections you want to see, then save the report then export your slides. 

These options are listed in the downloads menu in any open Power BI report. Simply click the downloads icon to expose the menu and select any option.


The notification button at the top of the screen will show a twirling icon while the visual is being processed. You can click on the notifications icon any time to see items that are still processing, or items that are ready for download. 


Once complete the icon will change to show a number indicating the number of items ready for download.


The notification button shows the list of items that are either currently processing or are ready for download. Clicking the download button next to an item initiates the download. You can delete items that you've already downloaded or keep them for future use.