Create Folders to Organize Power BI Reports


Creating folders is one method to help your end users easily find the reports that are most relevant to them. The Power BI Folder Management interface allows you to create folders to organize reports and allows you to save unfinished reports in a Drafts section which is only accessible to creator-level users. By default there is one Drafts folder in every workspace. Folders can be added to the drafts section to organize the content there as well. Folders can be nested up to two levels to further organize your reports. All files and folders are organized by alphabetical order - they cannot be manually sorted. 

Create Folders

  1. The Power BI Folder Management interface is accessible from the Apps menu in the upper left corner of the TABS portal. 
  2. Click the Create Folder button to open the Create Folder pop-up window.

  3. Select a location to create your folder and click the New Folder button. Name the folder before clicking away. You can create as many folders as you like. When finished creating, click the Close button. The screenshot below shows two new folders - Executive Reports in the Drafts section, and Sales Team Reports in the production section. 

    NOTE: Folders cannot be renamed. 
  4. Files can be moved into and out of folders by clicking and dragging them. 
  5. Folders can be deleted, but they must be empty. In the example below the Executive Reports folder is empty, so it is able to be deleted. Because the Sales Detail report is in the Sales Team Reports folder, it is not able to be deleted. 

  6. When you are finished creating folders and moving reports click the X to exit the Folder Management interface or click the home button. Keep in mind that users without creator permissions will not be able to see any reports in the drafts section. 

Saving Reports to Folders

When creating new Power BI content for your organization, you can either clone an existing report and change it, or use the New Report button to create a report from scratch. In either scenario you will choose the folder where your report should be saved. 

New Reports

  1. Create a new report by clicking on the New Report button. 

  2. Choose the data source to use for the report and click Create. 

  3. Build your report and File > Save As when ready.

  4. Name the report and click the save button. 

  5. Choose the destination folder and click OK. 

Cloned Reports

  1. Choose the report you would like to clone, open it, and choose Clone Report using the cog in the top right corner of the screen. 

  2. Name the report and choose its destination folder.