Accessing Excel Files in the Portal and Editing Steps


Steps to Download Content and Sign into Connected Excel

  1. Make sure your version of Excel meets the requirements, here
  2. Log into the Portal and use the application button to expose the options list. Choose Files. 

  3. Choose an Excel file to download and use the buttons on the right side of the screen to select download. 
  4. Open the file in Excel.
  5. Enable Content and go to Data > Connections > Refresh All. 

  6. You may see one of two screens after clicking refresh. Sign in or choose the appropriate account to log into Microsoft. 
    NOTE: Organizations that use Single Sign-on still need a separate Tabs Azure login. Access is generated by Tabs Analytics sending an invitation regardless of the typical method used to log onto the Tabs Portal. 

  7. Enter the password for the Microsoft account you’re using to log in, then click the Sign in button. 

  8. Edit the document if desired and save all changes.