TABS Insight Portal Navigation


The Market Insights Connect portal allows users to interact with reports based on our live data, edit existing reports, and create new reports from scratch - all in one unified web interface. We hope you'll find the navigation content below helpful as you learn to use this tool. 


Elements of the Landing Page

The landing page is the jumping off point for all your reporting needs! The landing page contains a list of all workspaces, reports, and files on your BI site. 


  1. The App icon is the small square icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Clicking this icon reveals a list of reports and files the user can jump to within the portal. Enter a report name or partial report name into the search field to find a specific report or file or a set of reports or files. You can access this pull-down from any page on the BI site. portal_navigation_report_list.png

  2. The home icon takes you back to the landing page where you can see the full list of reports and files. This is the same list you see when clicking on the App icon. 
  3. The body of the page contains a full list of all workspaces, reports, and files for which the logged in user has access. Simply click on a report to open. Reports that are Excel-based or other types of documents will download instead of open when clicked. 

  4. The search field allows the user to find a report or a set of reports with similar names. Enter the full name or partial name to search.
  5. The small person in the upper right corner allows the user to log out of the solution. 


Elements of the Report Page

The reports page is an interactive space where you can interact with reports, edit, and create content. 



  1. After clicking on a report on the landing page the report opens in a tab. Users can toggle between open reports, or close open reports by clicking the x next to the report name. The active report is highlighted in blue below. The color may differ depending on your implementation. 
  2. If a report has been marked editable, and your user account has author access, you can toggle between Edit and View. In View mode, a report can be displayed in full screen by clicking the open square, or it can be printed by clicking the print icon. 
  3. The canvas is the main area of the report where you'll see content. Many features in our content are interactive. You will find drop-down menus, filters that will allow you to visualize data sorting and filtering it for your business needs. 

  4. The tabs at the bottom are similar to sheets in Excel which have related content. Click through them to view just like an excel spreadsheet.