Basic Power BI Editing Elements


The first step to editing a report is to clone an existing report. Choose a report that closely resembles the style and content of the report you're trying to create. Directions to cloning a report can be found here

Editing Elements
The right portion of the screen contains the editing elements. There are three columns in the editing elements section – Filters, Visualizations, and Fields.




The Fields section contains the available measures and attributes in your implementation. You can add measures and attributes from the Fields section to your visualizations. These attributes come into the visualizations as Rows, Columns, and Values. Rows and Columns contain attributes such as Market Name and Manufacturer. Values contain measures. Measures are depicted in the Fields section with a small calculator. The attributes are shown with a grid icon.

The measures and attributes are grouped by type in folders so that you can easily find the element you need. The folders shown in yellow contain elements that have already been used in the report. 


You can also search for a specific elements by using the search field. 


Hover over longer names in the fields section to view the full name. 




The Visualizations section controls the type of visualization you wish to use and the attributes and formatting of those elements. Types of visualizations include tables, graphs, and maps with many variations to select from. 


Once you've selected the type of visualization you want to use, you can select the elements to include on Rows, Columns, and Values. Each visualization has different options for how the Fields elements will be displayed. These options change depending on the type of visualization you select. Remove an element by clicking the X next to the name. Add an element by dragging it to the desired Row, Column, or Value section. You can order the elements by clicking and dragging from the Fields section. 



Filters are often minimized on the screen. Expose the filters section by clicking on the arrow above the Filters section on the right side of the screen.


Use the scroll bar to see all the filters on the report. There are three types of filters – "Filters on this visual", "Filters on this page", and "Filters on all pages". The section for "Filters on this visual" is only available when a visual is selected and contains the attributes you choose for Rows, Columns, and Values. Add filters by dragging attributes from the Fields section to the “Add data fields here” beneath the filter type you want to add.